A Game of Prose

A Playing of Pun during a Game of Prose. Tweeting tactfully concerning a Lorde and a Billboard (See more on this Tweet below). Seeing as she wrote the recently popular song, “Royals” it is no wonder that Billboards is tweeting her, although I believe it is an unverified Billboard account so I shall have to forgive shortcomings as they are tweeted, or as tweets are ignored.

It seems to me that the Song Royals may be alluding to crystal-meth usage. While I am not a versed user of amphetamines I see striking similarities in what I have heard about and occurring themes in the song, especially those themes hinted in the music video.

A Game of Prose

In light of NaBloMo (that’s National Blog Month for the uninitiated), a friend of mine has posted a quick-spit of a post on his Facebook concerning it. Since I am– at present– available for such an undertaking I will with the greatest intention apply myself to blogging in a consistent manner for the following month, if not longer. Since he shares my name sake, I acted in a manner which I hoped would inspire a contest. This particular blog posting will have to suit as a test blog so I can fiddle around with word press and get to know it a little bit more insofar as blogging goes–as of yet it seems fairly similar to website hosting without some of the fancy-flavors and customization.

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