Update (mid November) – Marshalling Up Escape: From the Frying-Pan into the Fire


Greetings Readers,

Today I have begun to write about some of the most BIZARRE events that have occurred in our adventures in Salt Lake City (and the entire jaunt around the country). This includes a Run-in and extremely frightening situation with a man who was not only dangerous, but preyed on the discreditably and youth of our society. That being said, while I feel we got even, in some minor respect, I feel very conflicted that this man is still out there doing what he is doing. I have reason to believe that he has been acting like this for some time prior to both Christopher’s and my arrival, and that even former employers of his may be aware of his activities. While I am not going to come out and say who he is right now, it is safe to say that this man was a pedophile who worked in mental health of younger boys and he certainly did victimize them and use all the tricks in the book. I am seriously considering what I should do about who he is and what I have discovered.

I am not exaggerating when I also say that I feared for my safety and well-being but more importantly, I feared for Christopher’s safety and well-being.  This was in-part due to the fact that Christopher is a small guy and has similar qualities to the —shall I say — younger types that our new host found appealing in both boys and men (but more often boys).  My presence however threatening, constant, or boasting could not deter this man from trying a myriad of techniques starting with drugging us both, in order to get what he wanted.  This obviously included Christopher in his control and me out of the way entirely.

I was smart enough to recognize an insincere and strange tension when he was around, I noticed without needing any information about the guy that something was not right.

Not only did this guy play that icky part mentioned above, he was the worst elements of everything in this country I have come to hate: An Idiot who puts politics to play like his own toy-soldiers and utilizes idiotic cliches with rhetoric producing some half-baked political moronic sludge that was incoherent and senseless. It is safe to say this guy is one that I both feared and loathed with everything I could feel at first.  This fear grew more substantial as I put myself to discovering what the foreboding atmosphere was all about. It was NOT easy to play the part that I did for a little under two months.

There was a younger neighbor boy living nearby as well and I will go over his living situation, his mother, and another side of parenting for which I feel very conflicted about. All of this in my next post on “Marshalling Up Escape: From the Frying-Pan into the Fire.” From there we move onto the last section concerning our Salt Lake City travesty concerning, “The Trigger-Full-House. Both Aptly named. I hope my readers look forward to the excitement to come and will learn a bit from it.

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A Word on Misfortune, Expectations, and Fate.

Marvin and I - Feb 2011

Marvin and I – Feb 2011

First a Shout-Out of Thanks to a Reader!  Thanks Marvin!

The above picture was taken in Feb 2011, and since I owe a shout-out to Marvin, the handsome guy next to me in the picture, I will do so through honoring some memories I have of us together.  We became dance buddies after meeting because we both really enjoy dancing, are good at it, so it was only natural that we enjoyed dancing together.  I remember some really fun times that we had at Cobalt and Towne Dancebotique.  But that should not suggest that we didn’t spent plenty of time at Nellie’s socializing before our too few DC dance-capades.

The picture to the lower right is after a particularly cold, but memorable night in either, November or December of 2011. In my infinite misguided-infatuations I force myself to do things a little less than reasonable to feel like I got someone— whom I really did not have.  I knew it, but ignored it. Anyway, looking at the picture you’ll notice that Marvin is sporting a nice rabbit-fur hat, which was passed around to just about every guy in the Gayborhood, getting more action than any single guy that ever lived in said gayborhood— I should have charged to let people wear the damn thing.. Whether it was for the warmth or the fact that that hat looked utterly ridiculous,  no one could resist wanting to at least try it on.  Had i thought of it and charged for the benefit of using such a fashion-forward piece of rat-fur, I would have made out like Heidi Fleiss before she began her birdie binges.

To meet this person for whom i had an infatuation, I traveled all the way out to Charlestown WV after one of the BEST times dancing I can remember at Cobalt (with Marvin) and I had a little too much to drink (although I had sobered up I was extremely tired).  I often wonder what would have become of me if Marvin and I would have just stayed and enjoyed ourselves and I ignored the hold this lad from an adjoining state and I would have appreciated what was close-by?  I feel a tinge of regret and considering my other path ended the way it did I may always wonder.


Anyway, the shout-out:: .

Marvin,  I really appreciate your feedback which, for one, lets me know people are actually reading my blog, and it also serves to provide me direction to better improve my humble efforts. By letting me know me your opinion, I feel confident with regard to the reflections you had on life and living my adventures vicariously though this blog. I genuinely don’t feel as though it is very different from anyone else’s mis-step (be it intentional or not).  I just know my comfort zone and that it’s been flexible of late. Forever clinging to the notion that everyone is equally capable of doing what they want, I desperately do not want to believe  that some people are suited to endure certain things that others would succumb to the same trials..  This is elitism and it justs just as well we believe it to a certain extent because some of us are more capable than others when it comes to anything, be it leading a nation, boxing, interpreting the law, or survival. What are you content with whereas someone else might need luxury,  Probably not, but there are those who will work hard to earn comforts so they no longer have to be capable.

To quote Shakespeare,  “Poor and Content is Rich and Rich Enough.”  There is a lot of truth in those words.  Even when living with someone you can identify where extreme discomfort hrt in a difficult situation emerges and I would hope for myself that someone would coax me into being content with the status-quo.  It’s really a way of surviving.  I am of the firm believe that people can become far too content with too little and perhaps shouldn’t be— but I am not referring to matters of wealth.  Marvin, you paid me a few compliments earlier in the day concerning  you !  More importantly, he flattered me with a line of compliments that was really the most satisfying a person could be paid in reference to the way one lives.  I try to live a satisfying life and, most importantly to experience as much as I can and try not to waste time.  Have I succeeded?  Who knows.  I said earlier in the month that some might find my life someone exciting or even accomplished but I really am not quite satisfied with myself.  I’m naive to whether or not that is a good thing.  Being dissatisfied certainly leads one to be more a person of action, but misfortune also begs the concern for weather it is safer and predictable to simply by stay home.

 A Theory On Living:

I have often tolds myself that bad luck is something that is rather invited into someone’s life.  I have been told this by others too.  These others seem to be supreme optimists— even if it is just idiotically stupid to keep with such a mindset.  At some point one must be realistic over optimistic.  The difficulty is sometimes in knowing when.  Hope drives us to keep going, but it can also drive us to foolish decisions.  There comes a time when if decisions are not made situations can me made exponentially worse.  It was at such a time that Christopher and I left our first place in Salt Lake City.  It was actually significantly outside of Salt Lake in a part of town called Draper.  It was a wonderful tech corridor if I could have broken into a solid position.

Our first three months there really saw the money that we arrived with gone.  Not only that, Christopher and I had been given the primary responsibility of taking care of two boys, ages Seven and Six.  I really loved taking care of them, but had really forgotten that taking care of kids is a full-time job in of itself.  I find it important to mention that the kids were expensive too.  Christopher and I were the primary suppliers of food and daily supplies that keeps any household running.  We were not required to pay rent, but the situation was a bit odd either way.  The house was full of people and a bit too small.  If I was independently wealthy I would have taken care of the boys until they were grown.  I loved cooking for them, introducing them to new foods, teaching them and just participating in their lives.

The boys got both Christopher and I up in the morning because if someone wasnt awake with them there would inevitably be some impending catastrophe without a sane presence.  I remember coaxing them away from the X-Box.  I had bought heavy whipping creme from the store and I asked the older boy, James, if he wanted to whisk the heavy creme for me.  He was not certain of the purpose but obliged as I prepared strawberries, bananas and chocolate.  Whisking heavy creme is actually really tedious when equipped with just a whisk.  But it’s how I always made whipped creme.  I added sugar and had the boys trade off in whisking while I finished, I have Christopher take over the whisking as their little arms get tired and they are questioning me with ever more frequency what is supposed to happen.  When I point out that it is thicker than it once, they found renewed will to whisk.  Either way, I finish it up for them as it gets difficult until there are soft peaks in the creme.  I then have James taste it with his fingers (clean fingers) and his response was:

“I love eating butter!”

“Well…. I guess it needs more sugar!” I generally remark, as Christopher laughs at how honest the boy is.

The minds of these children— and all children– are really wonderfully simple.  The simple notion that the whipped creme tasted like butter was a simple reaction to tasting something similar to what he has tasted before.  Of course, if we had continued to whip that creme it would separate into butter, but it was simply that he had not experienced having whipped creme before and he had tasted butter.  Similar taste without enough sugar.  My mind was worried before that point if I may have already added too much.  The important aspect is that I had an expectation for what it should be and the boys didn’t and I got a really honest reaction for something as simple as whipping creme for strawberries.  I had hope that my expectation was really what it should be, or good enough for the kids.  I got a slight adjustment with the frank “butter response” and couldn’t hope that it was sweet enough at that point.  It makes me think every day if our expectations don’t need to be re-assessed, and often at that.

More on that next time, as the situation becomes serious in Salt Lake.

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(I haven’t survived some of this without a little help)


Protecting Privacy when using Google Plus (or Google+)


This photo is for tranquility when dealing with targeted advertising. I couldn’t “like” this with a click when I experienced it… although Justin did with one and a camera.

Ok Readers, I’m taking a small break from my reminiscing stories to offer a bit of advice.  Recently Google has introduced “Endorsements” to your Google+ / Google Plus pages.

For those of you who don’t know Google+ is Google’s response to Facebook and other social networking sites and the benefit they bring the host –that’s NOT you::

They benefit through Targeted Advertisements and advertising.  This kind of advertising is tailored to you, based on your likes, dislikes, search history, browsing history and all sorts of other fun information that in of itself is pretty useless but when ads are injected into your browser which you might be MORE LIKELY to click, they become more valuable.  There is a whole bunch of research and statistics and more information on this, but Facebook and Google like to profit from things you actively like and dislike and place you into little advertising boxes – My friend Mark Fuentes would say, like a Japanese Food Box, which, before coming out of the closet, was how i kept my friends in relating to each other… separate!  Not relevant though, so I digress…

  • -If you have a Gmail Account, you might have Google+
  • -if you have an Android-based phone, then you likely have a Google+ account tied to that email
  • -If you had an Android Phone in the past year (depending on the version or the OS — i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Fro-yo, Donuts, Eclair, pastries galore – blah.) then you may have Google+

For those of you in question about your Android Phone, my guess is:

  • -if you have or had Jellybean OR Ice Cream Sandwich, then you probably have a Google+ account tied to that corresponding email on your Android Device. (this does include a tablet)

Don’t ask me about the iPhone, I don’t know how Google relates to this; as they are almost as much an evil empire as Google is now, in my humble opinion.  But ask me and I may look into it.

First goto Google+ this can be achieved by clicking "your name +"  from top right of gmail or logging in seperately. then follow the RED Notations made by me on this picture

First goto Google+ this can be achieved by clicking “your name +” from top right of gmail or logging in seperately. then follow the RED Notations made by me on this picture

So goto your Google+ Account as directed, either through Gmail by clicking “Your Name+” in the top right and following my school-teacher Red Remarks made on each graphic.  Sometimes there are arrows! (and captions)

home+ w.menu annotations

Don’t be afraid… follow the menu down to that “Settings” item with the little gear next to it and Clicky-Clicky! (you probably need only click once).

Look for "Endorsements" and click that "edit" sucker!

Look for “Endorsements” and click that “edit” sucker!

Just do as those RED REMARKS say… don’t be afraid this isn’t a trick.  the next page in this one is a bit bigger and wordy so scroll down after performing the ABOVE action and see Below for simple guidance on that wordiness.

Scroll down... read the fine print involved which I will include in the Blog below in fine print

Scroll down… read the fine print involved which I will include in the Blog below in fine print

Okieday.  If you don’t know what all that wordiness is, see me after class.  A lot of it is telling you that your FRIENDS may “Endorse” something that they MAY or MAY NOT BE trying to sell ON BEHALF of someone else. It’s really a foolish advertising means that poke references into your public profile and say that you might buy this product, have bought it, or whatever.  I’m, not precisely certain how the info will be used, but it may be misleading.

  If you want to read a review then go for it, CNET, Engadget or whatever.  However  I wouldn’t make my own unsolicited reviews public unless I intend to make them public.  Not from sleaziness round my profile or whatever (because people often post negative things they don’t really mean, or do so IN-JEST.  (I do that).  I wouldn’t want someone to think I hated something just because it wasn’t working for me and I mentioned it in a Facebook post.  I also don’t want to worry about libel suits before they begin.  And this isn’t necessarily what Google is doing right now, but I see where it is going.  Endorsements (weather intentional or not) might be inferred through hash-tags eventually.  #stupid.

More on Targeted Advertising and YOU, in another technical post that is really dry and boring to do for me, but hopefully a bit helpful for you.

I did promise Google fine-print below… so here ’tis:  This is really cheese on their part because it comes from their “help” section.   Stupid.  The below may be copyrighted and or change, changes which I will intentionally neglect in attempts for the self improvement of the GOOGLE entity admits public outrage, should it arise– Changes have also been made to the formatting for added ridiculousness.

For the current page see:  In addition, there should be no reason that you cant DISABLE your Google+ account and resume previous functionality without all this crap.

Next tech post:  Keeping Words with Friends functioning in a privatized browser!


How shared endorsements work

To ensure that your recommendations reach the people you care about, Google sometimes displays your reviews, recommendations and other relevant activity throughout its products and services. This sometimes includes shopping contexts, like the Google Play music store, and ads. Your profile name and photo may appear with the recommendation.

For example, if you search for “Italian restaurants,” you might see an ad for a nearby restaurant along with your friend’s favorable review. Or, in Google Play, you might see that another friend has +1’d a new song or album.

We call these shared endorsements.

Here are some examples of shared endorsements. The example on the right shows a shared endorsement displayed in an ad:

Don’t worry, your account’s privacy settings are not affected. You get to decide whether you want your name and photo included in shared endorsements that appear in ads through the Shared Endorsements setting. And for users under 18, their actions won’t appear in Shared Endorsements in ads and certain other contexts.

How to turn on or off shared endorsements on ads:

  1. Sign into your Google account. If you came to this page while still creating your account, finish that process first, then come back here.
  2. Go to the Shared Endorsements setting page. If you are not already a Google+ user, you will be asked to upgrade your account.
  3. To allow people to see your name and photo in shared endorsements appearing in ads, check the box next to “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.” Then, click the “Save” button to save your new setting.
  4. If you’d like to disable this setting, just uncheck the box and click “Save.” Remember, unchecking the box means that Google won’t be able to share your recommendations with your friends in some cases where they might otherwise see and benefit from them.

Copyright Google 2013

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(I haven’t survived some of this without a little help)